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I’m Shifting

Luggages for shifting home

Are you finding it difficult to shift or upgrade to a new place with the changes to ABSD?

Struggling to plan a successful shift where the funds or proceeds are coming in time to make payment for your new apartment?

Many home owners underestimate the precise planning nature of a home shift as they did not realise the importance of planning a timely transfer.

If the idea of renting an apartment after selling your place while waiting for your new home to be ready doesn’t excite you, then our property shifting planning will be important for you.

Savern - Challenge


The idea of shifting homes sounds simple.

You sell your existing property, you buy a new property, and you make the shift.

Question is, which do you do first?

Sell your place or buy a new one.

And while we’re at it, will you require the proceeds to make a down payment for your new apartment?

In many cases, possessing the experience to search, plan, and negotiate a deal between both potential buyers (of your existing place) and sellers (of your new place) will make the entire process less worrisome and nerve breaking.


Savern - Solution


As there is a 2 layer approach at play when it comes to shifting, we recommend tracking both the property valuation of your existing property as well as the valuation of properties in your target shifting area.

This information will be critical when it surfaces at the negotiation stage.

After all, you have the selling part of the equation to manage while finding a suitable buyer, and the buying part of the equation finding a perfect new home.

Not to forget the entire process in between as you’re waiting for legal documents and the cash proceeds to flow through.

Engaging the services of a professional realtor will make the entire process manageable and stress-free, so you can focus on the important task at hand – shifting.

Savern - Results


Fiona and her family were looking to upgrade from their 4-room to a larger HDB flat.

They felt it was time to do so as their children were getting bigger and needed their own individual space.

However, she did not have additional cash on hand to buy a property first then sell her existing place. She needed this process to be happening concurrently.

This means proper timeline planning of selling her existing property while buying the new HDB flat at the same time to ensure the proceeds will come in time for the initial deposit.

As property agents, we guided her through this process to ensure a smooth transaction which removed a big headache for her. Especially since, the seller of the property she chose was dealing with the exact same situation and problem.

With our delicate negotiation and planning, her shifting was a success as the fund transfers from her buyer came in at appropriate times to make payment to the seller of her new place.

Savern - How can we help

Feel free to schedule a session with us to find out more about our services and how we can help you achieve your property goals.

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Over 111,000 homes have already been tracked by Singaporeans.

Start tracking the valuation of a property or area you're interested in to see how the value is changing.

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