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When it comes to selling your home at the price you want, it’s never just about putting up flyers or advertising on the classified ads.

As a home owner, you want the best deal for your place, especially if you’re in the midst of shifting or moving to another location.

Such an activity in and by itself, will drain a huge amount of your time as you’re busy packing and liaising with countless different people at this important stage.

That’s where an experienced property agent can help alleviate the key aspects of selling a property, while helping you secure the price you want so you can turn your attention to more important and pressing issues which requires your utmost attention.

Savern - Challenge


On the surface, selling a property may appear to be a rather simple activity.

That is until home owners discover the single most important aspect of selling – The Negotiation!

If you’ve ever tried selling any product before, whether through a bazaar or through an online platform like Carousell, you may have suffered the common challenges of attaining the sale.

You need to find buyers interested in your property, and you need to convince them to buy a property at the price you want to sell at.

In many cases, you may find yourself crippled by the fact the minimum occupation period is almost at an end.

Time is of the essence in such cases, not to forget that there is now an entire neighbourhood of sellers scrambling for the same group of buyers.

Finally, for inexperienced homeowners, working without a guiding hand on actual transaction procedures and processes may prove to be a nightmare. After all, figuring what which files and documents to submit, the prices to quote, how to push for a higher price, and much more isn’t fun when you’re also pressed for time.

Savern - Solution


To give you a heads up in any property sales negotiation, we recommend you first track the valuation of your property as well as the properties around your area.

Knowing how your competition are pricing their units will provide valuable insights about the market and what your potential buyers are expecting.

For a smooth sailing process, we encourage you to engage a licensed CEA agent to guide you on actual transaction procedures and processes. Having someone who is familiar with the industry will lighten your workload and ensure everything goes according to plan.

And for first-time sellers, engaging a sales spokesperson will do wonders to quickly secure a higher price for your property.

Savern - Results


Jason’s flat was reaching its minimum occupation period (MOP) and he had already purchased another property. That created an issue where, if he did not sell his old flat quickly, he would face a heavy financial penalty both from HDB and IRAS.

This is further coupled by the fact that every other seller in his block, vicinity, and estate, were faced with the exact same problem. He found himself with way too many sellers, all competing for the same pool and type of buyers.

By engaging one of our agent, we found a creative way to market his property.

This involved appealing to the individual and unique urgency each prospective buyer had.

Using this approach, we were able to sell the property within 3 weeks of our initial appointment and saved Jason a lot of financial hardship, worry, and time.

Savern - How can we help

Feel free to schedule a session with us to find out more about our services and how we can help you achieve your property goals.

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