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I’m Buying


Do you know how much you will need to buy a property?

Are you currently planning your finances to own your very first home?

With your existing salary, do you know how much loan you can possibly borrow?

The truth is, stepping into the property scene is a major financial decision for almost any Singaporean.

And rightly so.

That’s why here at Savern Realty, we aim to work as an extension for you. To provide you with real time information and insight on the properties available for sale, at the location of your choice.

We believe you should only proceed with a property buying decision when you have an exact idea of your affordability and a clear idea of the price you should be entering the property market at.

Savern - Challenge


There are many reasons why anyone is looking to purchase a property. It could be a first-time homeowner, a HDB upgrader, an investor, or even a business owner.

Regardless of reasons, the fact remains, searching for the perfect place is time consuming.

You first need to decide on the type of property you want.

Next you have to choose a location. Whether it is near to a MRT, a school, or some other nearby amenities.

Finally, you have to see if there are available units for sale.

All in, most individuals don’t have the luxury of time to narrow and shortlist their perfect place.

And it gets worse…

Many of these property buyers don’t have access to the full facts and figures about the properties in the area they’re considering.

They’re essentially going in blind, and hoping to stumble upon a “good enough” place in a short period of time.

At Savern Realty, we don’t think it is a good use of your time or resource to hope for the best.

Buying a property should be an enjoyable process and more importantly, you should be buying only a property that you love. Nothing less!

Savern - Solution


Instead, what we recommend our clients is to first track the property valuation of the areas they’re interested in.

You can easily accomplish this by using this free property valuation tool we’ve included.

By having the information readily on hand, you will now be in a much better position to decide on a suitable unit after calculating your disposable income.

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, that’s where we come into the picture as property agents to help you with the negotiations.

With a clear picture of your affordability, we can help you push for a price you’re comfortable with.

And that’s not all…

We’ll also arrange for a private viewing, settle the paperwork, and help make your transition a smooth sailing process.

Savern - Results


Laura was a client looking for a HDB property in the Kallang Bahru area.

She approached an agent, but as she did not have a clear understanding of her affordability, it affected her ability to negotiate properly with the sellers of the various properties in the area.

Worse, she was strapped for time due to work commitments and needed somebody with the relevant expertise of the Kallang Bahru area with real time information and insight of the properties that were available for sale.

After engaging one of our agents, we found her a place she loves within three days of viewing.

In addition, the final negotiated price was more than $35,000 below the seller’s initial asking price.

By working closely with us, we successfully saved her both time and money in finding a place she now loves.

Savern - How can we help

Feel free to schedule a session with us to find out more about our services and how we can help you achieve your property goals.

Savern - Start tracking your home

Over 111,000 homes have already been tracked by Singaporeans.

Start tracking the valuation of a property or area you're interested in to see how the value is changing.

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