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Property Agent Singapore

Introducing a Hand-Picked Team of Realtors at Savern Realty!

Your search for a dedicated and experienced property agent in Singapore should be simple, quick and efficient.

That's why our team of realtors at Savern Realty have dedicated ourselves to providing services that lives up to your highest expectations.

No matter whether you're contemplating buying a new home, selling your existing one, or are just exploring the market for a better location to shift to...

When you engage us as your real estate agent, you engage our vast knowledge and experience in the Singapore property market, condensed it into the perfect solution for your specific needs.

Why is this important to you as a client?

We believe that every client, at every price point, deserves the same level of service. Our promise?

We never declare success until you declare success.

Common Challenges Clients Face Without A Real Estate Specialist

Uninformed of Latest Valuations Surrounding the Target Properties

Unable to reach Interested Buyers and/or Sellers

Undermining the Sales & Negotiation Process

Unfamiliar with Legal Processes, Documents & Contracts

Can you really do without an experienced Realtor?

Trust and integrity are the hallmarks of a great real estate agent. As home owners ourselves, we know you’d much rather have an experienced negotiator to assist you with the selling or buying negotiation. Even for rental engagements, nothing beats having someone able to inform you of the possible pitfalls in your rental contract agreements.

Why do our clients trust us with million dollar transactions? Because we take it personally.

Our work as professional realtors is not about opening up the doors to houses, and turning on the lights. Instead, its about reputation. We take every transaction seriously, and we make sure that each transaction is completed with empathy and integrity.

Underneath the surface of every real estate transaction are many layers of legalities and industry knowledge, which are critical to help you achieve your goals. If you are a seller, we help you seek the best possible price in a given market environment, as well as the quickest possible exit. If you are buyer, we help you negotiate and broker a solid deal for a home you love. We do all this, while ensuring you are always updated with the latest property market information, and real-time updates in the heat of the negotiation, ensuring that you’re never left without immediate access to us.

We take initiative, are relentless, and we listen.

Our List of Property Agent Experties & Services

To help clients make better property decisions, we’ve developed our agents’ services into various categories that best match your needs.

Housing Agent


Consultative sessions to assist with your property needs.

Selling Property


Finding the right price to exit is the single most important step.

Buying HDB


Helping you find a resale flat at the price you're comfortable with.

Rental Agent


Let us find you a beautiful place with the amenities you need.

Buying Condo


Whether it’s an upgrading, or a new launch, we're here to assist.

Commercial Agent

Commercial Agent

Choosing the right industrial, retail, or office space has never been easier.

The Savern Realty Client Promise

When it comes to client delivery, we're serious about making your real estate goals our number one priority.

This means for property buyers, we strive to work towards getting you the home you love at the best possible price.

For property sellers, we market your property to the right audience, to allow for the highest price and the quickest sale.

And if you're shifting, ensuring a seamless transition of funds by controlling your selling and buying timeline is our ultimate objective.

Ultimately for us, it’s all about standing on your side, and delivering top notch services every day, every hour, and every minute.

Savern Realty Team

Property Expertise & Strategy

Record setting performance

Whether it’s hitting record prices, or selling it in record time, we at Savern Realty have the reach and experience to exceed all expectations.

Creative approach

Staging, photography and negotiation is critical to achieving record transactions, and we do it better than anyone else.

Facts and figures

To assist our clients to make the best decisions, we always rely on the latest hard facts and figures for guidance.